New Energy Language

An extract from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross “On Life After Death”

My wish is that you pass on to many people a little more love. Think about the fact that those people for whom you select the most costly Christmas presents are often those people you fear the most, and for whom your feelings are the most negative ones. I doubt if it is truly necessary for you to give someone a big present – unconditional love would have been more appropriate. There are twenty million children in the world dying of starvation. Adopt one of those children, and start buying smaller presents. Think about the fact that there are many poor people, even in Western Europe. Share your blessings of wealth. Then, when the windstorms blow into your life, think about them as a present for yourself which will not be seen as such at that moment, but perhaps ten or twenty years later. For they will give your strength and teach you things which, otherwise, you would never have learned. If you – symbolically speaking – get thrown into a tumbler (like a stone), it depends fully on yourself if you get crushed or if you come out of it a polished, sparkling diamond.

I want to assure you that it is a blessing to sit at the bedside of a dying patient. Dying doesn’t have to be a sad and horrible matter. Instead, you can experience many wonderful loving things.  What you learn from dying patients you can pass on to your children and to your neighbours, and maybe our world would become a paradise again. I believe now is the time to start.

Giving is Good


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