New Energy Language

Eastern religions speak of enlightenment as a mystical communion with God, the Source, the Universe, the All. Many Westerns religions demand a Way of Devotion and contact with God only through the proper channels of the church. Christian Mystics were persecuted for speaking of a direct personal contact with God, perhaps because it threatened the authority and even existence of the church.

In fact the first Christian mystic was Jesus himself. He said the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.

“If your eye is single, your whole body shall be full of light”

A Zen Master may say.

“If you look in, you will find your Real or Original Face, in which your two eyes, your head, indeed your whole body, merge and vanish into sheer Clarity. To see this steadily is to be Illuminated”

There are many sayings attributed to Jesus in which he speaks of Light-men, men who have noticed that they aren’t opaque or solid, that their bodies are Emptiness. Not unlike an Eastern sage who says this world is an illusion.

Could it be that a truly awakened person rests in the common source, he has broken loose from his parent tradition and become universal.

Thanks to  D.E. Harding’s “Religions of the World”

Mystical Graffiti by Rachel Jochen


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