New Energy Language

Just Keep Breathing

Sitting quietly with humble and patient mind, with earnest and disciplined mind, waiting for the clouds of karma and the defilements of the mind to clear away so that the clear brightness within may shine forth, illuminating the mind, revealing that self is nothing, that mind-essence is everything.

Sitting quietly realising the mind’s pure essence. Realising its all embracing wholeness, its inconceivable purity and unity, its boundless potentiality for radiation and integration.

Breathing out…

Radiation going forth in rays and vibrations of cosmic energy; manifesting itself in particles, electrons and atoms; and by the phenomena of light, heat and electricity.

Breathing in…

Integration drawing everything inward to purity and unity; the going forth and the drawing inward being so perfectly balanced that all abides in the original emptiness and silence.

Sitting quietly with empty and tranquil mind, realising the universal emptiness and eternal silence; realising it, but yielding to its radiating potency, continually being reborn in the Saha-world of suffering.

An extract from “The Buddhist Bible”


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