New Energy Language

You Are A Miracle

Healing Power is present in all of us. It is not something that existed two thousand years ago. It is omnipresent. You can lay hold of it and perform miracles in your life. We must remember that a miracle cannot prove that which is impossible, it is confirmation of that which is possible, always was, and always will be, for with God all things are possible.

Love, Joy and Peace have no beginnings and have no end. Harmony always has been. The Principles of Life have always existed. It is not something that one man possessed. To say that would be the essence of absurdity. Don’t wait for some angel or saint to heal you. Don’t wonder whether God wants you to be healed or not. Realise that you are violating God’s laws which are written in your heart and nature when you are sick, morose, hateful or poor. These are simply wrong thoughts or mental poisons which work underground in consciousness, like a contaminated stream, emerging years later as wrong experiences such as illness, loss and unhappiness.


The first step in healing is not to be afraid of the manifest conditions from this very moment. The second step is to realise that the condition is the product of past thinking which will have no more power to continue its existence. The third step is to exalt God who is in the midst of thee as your subjective self. This will stop the production of all toxins in you. In lifting yourself up, seeing the person as you ought to be, you draw this ideal state to you.


Among the most deadly mental poisons are hatred, which is really ignorance, and self-pity, which is really self absorption. These drugs creep through the psychic bloodstream poisoning all springs of hope and faith, leading to mental illness. The spiritual antidote is to find your other real self – God – and become God-intoxicated. You can fall madly in love with this new knowledge that thoughts are things that you can change and by filling your mind with kindness you will transform your whole life, bringing you health, happiness, love and joy. You can fall in love and become wildly enthusiastic in knowing that there is a Principle of Life which flows through your mental patterns and imagery, creating their image and likeness.

When you realise that the law of attraction is forever operating in your life, you are seized with a Divine frenzy at the wonder of it all. You are now in love with God, all things good, pleasing, elevating and uplifting. You are hungry and thirst for more Wisdom, as you move forward in the light of the One Who Forever Is.

An extract from “How To Use Your Healing Power” by Dr Joseph Murphy, published in 1958


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