New Energy Language

We are driven by a divine unrest towards a conscious awareness of, and a conscious contact with our soul. Our focus becomes the emergence and expression of that “Deeper Being”, and the head and the heart become united in their quest.

Mind and pure reason are blended with love and devotion in an entire adjustment of the personality towards a new realm of awareness. New states of consciousness are witnessed, a new phenomenal world is gradually perceived, and it begins to dawn upon us that our life-focus and consciousness can be lifted entirely out of our past endeavours.

We find that we can walk with God, dwell in Heaven, and be aware of a new world lying within the familiar forms surrounding us.


We begin to regard ourselves as a conscious dweller of another kingdom in nature, the spiritual, which is as real and as vital, as ordered and as phenomenal as any we now know.

We steadily assume the attitude of the soul towards our human body. We regard ourselves no longer as a person controlled by our emotions, impelled by energy, and directed by our mind, but know ourselves to be the Self, thinking through the mind, feeling through the emotions, and acting consciously.

As this consciousness stabilises and becomes permanent, the work of evolution is consummated, the great at-one-moment is made, and the union between Self and our vehicle of expression, our body, is established. A divine son or daughter of God consciously incarnates.

From Alice Bailey’s “From Intellect to Intuition” 


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