New Energy Language

Our Star

The Sun in conjunction with the Ambient, operates on all earthly substances, not only by the changes of seasons bringing the seed of animals and plants to perfection, causing the tides to flow, and substances to change; but also in its diurnal progress producing heat and moisture, cool, and dryness, according to its position with respect to the Mid-heaven.

The Moon also, only by her proximity to the Earth, operates very powerfully upon it, affecting the changing of everything animate or inanimate, increasing or diminishing rivers according to her light, varying the tides as she rises and sets, causing plants and animals to increase and decrease with her.

The Stars also, whether fixed or movable, are in their courses the causes of many vibrations, by means of heat, wind and storms; whereby all sub-lunary things are subject to their influence, and undergo various changes according to their several mysteries and configurations.

But of all of those powers, that of the Sun is most prevalent and universal, the others only operating in a subordinate degree, by increasing or diminishing his influence. The Sun is our star.

An extract from “The Golden Dawn” by R G Torrens


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