New Energy Language

We are all here with a contract or plan to become something, to express something we wish to feel and be in human form, in a form other than the absolute.

We are here to develop and reveal our powers, our talents, our skills, in a relative place where it is not inherent as in the absolute, but it is relative to others, relative to nature, relative to the unknown. It can be known, it can be shown, it can be expressed.

We can be who we wish to be in this third dimension, assisted by our other dimensions. Here in this plane, we have become human to express the part of God we wish to be.

We are here to be our nature, to deliver our gifts to ourselves and to the world. We have time here to develop and manifest ourselves and send that knowledge and feeling home, to ourselves and to the absolute.

Goddess Of Mercy

Are you a healer?

Are you a teacher?

Do you feel you want to be a farmer?

Are you a diplomat, an angel, a warrior?

Do you want to express yourself through your body as a mother?

Do you picture yourself as a fisherman healing the oceans?

Are you craving to build a home in the woods?

Or climb to the top of a snow capped mountain?

Wistful Boy

Are children your friends?

Or animals?

Do you love music and food?

How long can you sit for?

How far can you run?

What colour gives you pleasure?

What name makes you smile?

And what do you do naturally, with your eyes closed?


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