New Energy Language

Gemini Solar Eclipse

This weekend’s solar eclipse is a significant moment and I would like to quote from Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers, his astrological wisdom is very enlightening…

This Annular Partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini over time will show us how to find different perspective and ways to communicate, as well as set a lot of exploration and discoveries into motion. It will put the brakes on old illusions through seeing what’s “below the surface” of things, and it won’t take long to see major effects, since Jupiter will conjunct the Eclipse degree in just a few weeks!

This Eclipse will offer us insights, new ways to synthesize new information and perspectives, with important decisions being made that will affect the entire world by August-September. This Eclipse will be associated with some fairly unique conditions and events, and much will be stabilized with many rewards confirming the vision we’ve set for ourselves in the past year.

Given that it happens just after the time when Venus went stationary retrograde, it will bring returns and deep insights about past and present relationships and values. We’ll be getting interesting insights into new ways of looking at people, things, likes and dislikes, and for many, quite a few short journeys, and/or communication with relatives, will dominate their future.

This Eclipse is entirely stabilizing and “confirming,” where we can combine imagination with engineering to “imagineer” a future we’ve already been striving to make real. All Eclipses radically transform areas affected by the planetary positions, so look to where you have early Gemini to see what will be shut down, and what will be the focus of new discoveries.

This one will help us get clear about what roles we’re playing (or unwilling to play), and help us to make real what has only been a vague notion, hunch, or ideal before now. Just don’t yield up your will to others too quickly, pay attention to details to figure out what’s core and what’s peripheral, and remember to keep a sense of humor as you renew the Fire of Interpersonal Striving toward greater Truths. by Robert Wilkinson



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