New Energy Language


To become ourselves is not a matter of turning away from our past, family, our roots, our dna, our background.

At death you will encounter all of them.

It is really a question of growing everyday by making decisions that reflect who you feel you are today.

And your past will not go away, it will always be with you. So turn to it and love it, allow it.

As you take it with you, live with it and forgive.

It will be with you your whole life.

It will be all you have at the end of your life.

Be you now, accepting who you were yesterday, be friends.


Because what if you could change you past

What if you could make it better

It only exists in your mind

You have memory painted the story of your life

Past, present and future

You think of it one way, but from another angle it could be different

You could reframe the picture in your mind

It could be wonderful


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