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The Science of Numerology dates back many years before Christ. It is founded on the theory that all life is governed by the law of mathematics, just as the musical scale is governed by the rotation of numbers.

The basic principle of Numerology is that nothing happens accidentally. We are not named by mere chance. Each individual is sent into the world with a certain set of vibrations, and she is inevitably given the name that contains those vibrations.

Numbers and their meaning….

In the science of Numerology each letter of the alphabet has a given number and each number has a special significance. The letters of your name, reduced to their corresponding numbers give you the key to your character and possibilities.

The letter and numbers to which they vibrate are as follows:

Leonardo da Vinci- Vitruvian Man

A, J and S vibrate to number 1

B, K and T vibrate to number 2

C, L and U vibrate to number 3

D, M and V vibrate to number 4

E, N and W vibrate to number 5

F, O and X vibrate to number 6

G, P and Y vibrate to number 7

H, Q and Z vibrate to number 8

I and R vibrate to number 9


Each name vibrates to three influences; the total of the vowels is the first influence, the total of the consonants is the second influence, and the total of the two combined is the third.

The first step to an analysis is to reduce your name to numbers:

S A R A H  S I L V E R

1 1 9 1 8     1 9 3 4 5 9

Vowels = 16 (1+6=7), Consonants = 35 (3+5=8)

As there are only single figures in the numerological scale, double digits are totalled again.

The number of vowels indicates the inner nature of the character; what you innately are can be determined by your vowel vibration.

The number of consonants gives us the key to the outer influences that are attracted to us and to the impression we make on people.

The final meaning of a name is the combination of vowels and consonants this indicates the best chances for success.

The meanings of the numbers are as follows:

Number 1: This is the vibration of great courage. It gives a dominating power and the ability to think and live independently. It is primarily the vibration of the pioneer, the inventor, the explorer or anyone who aims at originality in any field.

Number 2: This is one of the gentlest most friendly and peace loving of all vibrations. People who are under its influence are both loveable and loving, and their lives are ruled by tact, kindness and conventionality. They are desperately unhappy if they are censured or disliked by those around them. They are also quiet and domestic by temperament.

Number 3: Is really a combination of the two preceding vibrations. It produces a many-sided nature, with the ability to live either in complete independence or public opinion, or to swing with the crowd. Bringing marked talent in many lines, it is the influence of easy success and general happiness. One of the most important qualities of this vibration is the humour with which is it charged – the light touch on life, the innate gaiety of spirit that nothing can subdue.

Number 4: Not a good number under present-day conditions, as it produces money troubles, and hard, monotonous work. It is the symbol of small things, of attention to detail, of meagre returns from great effort, and of failure. A person coming under this vibration maybe a good wage earner but he will lead an uninspired and uninteresting life.

Number 5: The rolling stone of the numbers. Sudden bursts of enthusiasm, quick flashes of good judgement, and then the inevitable relapse into indecision and restlessness. People with this number as their marked influence have great ability but they seldom stick to any one thing long enough to accomplish much. When it happens to be controlled by more powerful numbers however, it is not an adverse vibration, since it brings change, colour and interesting experiences.

Number 6: This is one of the most stalwart, dependable and honest of all vibrations. Those influenced by it are the salt of the earth. They are the backbone of the community in which they live. Born home-makers they work cheerfully and successfully, fortified by self-respect and the respect of those around them. They are peace-loving and tolerant, but able, if need be to fight valiantly for their principles.

Number 7: There is the symbol of loneliness and misunderstanding. People who are controlled by this vibration posses great beauty of spirit; there is an infinite amount of gentleness and poetry hidden in their natures, but they are rarely appreciated at their full worth. Only a discerning few people with whom they are associated realise the essential fineness of their natures, due to their shyness. As might be expected, this is an unsuccessful number from a financial standpoint.

Number 8: Is the potent vibration of material success, the symbol of wealth and power. Those who vibrate to it are the conquerors of the world. Military, business, political or social careers prosper under this dominating influence. It is a fine, forthright and brilliant number. The chief drawback to it is the tendency it imparts to walk rough-shod over less powerful characters.

Number 9: Similar to Number 8 in so far as success is concerned; but the field of this vibration is the arts, literature, the drama – these are the motivating powers in this talented, sensitive and extremely powerful vibration. So clear is the path to success for people under this influence that they quite frequently achieve great material wealth. This is always more or less by accident however, as their interests and aspirations are never of a practical nature.

The Vibration of Genius

Since there are only nine digits in the numerological scale, double numbers are not used, with two exceptions. These are the numbers 11 and 22. Being the marks of genius, they follow no rule.

Number 11 is a fiery, temperamental vibration, colourful and dominant. Full of imagination and beauty, it exerts the most powerful influences upon the persons whom it rules.

Number 22 is a mystic, almost uncanny number. In direct contrast to 11, it is remote, unearthly and intangible. Those who vibrate to 11 plunge into life with a reckless abandon that may bring them either phenomenal success or smashing failure. Number 22 is alway elusive; the religious, the psychic are its characteristic vibrations.

Odd numbers are the vibrations of intuition, imagination and fancy. They are not particularly logical, but are given to quick flashes of insight. In Numerology they are sometimes designated as the “feminine” vibrations. Similarly, even numbers, representing logic, clarity of thought and balanced judgement, are termed “masculine” vibrations.

Where odd numbers predominate in a name, the character will vibrate to the feminine influences; when the even numbers occur the most often, logic will rule. In the case of a name which is made up of all odd numbers or all even numbers, these influences remain undivided. This gives an immense power of concentration and great singleness of purpose, disposes of inner strife and renders the character immune to the petty annoyances of life.

The danger to be guarded against is the tendency to adhere too closely to one line of thought. He whose numbers are all odd will have to exercise the greatest care in order to retain sufficient level-headedness to prosper in life. And one, whose name contains only even numbers will have to be constantly on the watch lest he become cold and calculating in nature.

By careful self analysis and thoughtful study of the qualities we have, life may be practically anything we choose to make it, and each one of us can enter on a clear, shining path to happiness and high endeavour.

Extract from Numerology Up-To-Date by Karen Adams 


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