New Energy Language

We Are Unconquerable

Diamond Meditation (by Pietro Ferrucci)

Vividly imagine a diamond. See all its shining facets, perfectly integrated into one whole. See the perfection of its shape

Diamond Meditation - Meditação Diamante

Hold the diamond in front of your inner eye, and let yourself be pervaded by its crystalline beauty. The word ‘diamond’ comes from the Greek adamas, ‘unconquerable’. As you identify with this diamond, sense it connecting you to that part of you which is likewise unconquerable, your Self.

Your self is unconquerable by fear, by obscurity, by the pulls and the pushes of everyday conditioning. It is untouched by the shadows of the past, the monsters of worry, the phantoms of the future, the demons of greed, the dictatorship of social conformity. It is your very essence, shining through innumerable facets and yet one. Realize that you are that Self, and as the image of the diamond fades away, let this sense of Self strengthen and grow ever clearer in you.



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