New Energy Language

Meditation On A Star

Visualise the evening sunshine falling over a quiet calm sea – the sun meets it so softly that no line of division is perceptible.

From the darkening shore below comes the continuous plashing of the little waves breaking on the dim sand. Over the pale sea – in a sky where Purple turns to Rose and Rose to the molten steel and Sapphire colours of the coming night – the slim young Silver moon hangs in radiant clearness.

A try to get the moon and also the sunset clou...

Swinging from her crescent, as by an invisible thread, is a scintillating jewel – a tiny, brilliant Star.

Realisation: The Golden Radiance of the higher spheres shines upon our souls at all times and floods our being with life, Warmth, Power and Love without ceasing – yet, we are oftentimes forgetful and unaware of it.

Without the Cosmic Radiation, our minds and thoughts are like little waves splashing helplessly in the darkness. When we are conscious of the Power, Love and Guidance which the rays emanate we have no fear of the future – our way is a path of light.

Our life is illuminated by an Eternal Star that guides us perpetually.

Courtesy of S. G. J. Ouseley’s “Colour Meditations”


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