New Energy Language

An extract from S. G. J. Ouseley’s “The Power of the Rays”

In the Cosmic System of Healing the use of colour is combined with the force of Mind. The mental factor in health and disease is fully recognised.

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The  Colour Healer is aware that the infinite powers of Spirit manifesting the White Light flow into each individual through the magnetic Aura. In the degree to which the Aura reciprocates to the divine inflow, so personal harmony and well-being is the result.

In the case of spiritual, emotional or etheric maladjustments appearing in the personality, in various forms, such as emotional and nervous tension, feelings of bitterness, resentment, frustration, hatred and the mental complexes of fear, worry, inferiority, selfishness etc. the divine inflow of Love, Health and Harmony does not reach the centre of man’s being.

It is stopped through wrong thinking or the wrong vibration or wrong action, with the result that a blank area, so to  speak, is formed, which swiftly becomes the breeding ground of negative, evil or undivine thoughts and elements which work themselves out as diseased conditions of all kinds.

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The Colour Healer recognises a universal intelligence permeating all things and also sees a corresponding responsiveness hidden deep down in their nature, ready to be called into action when appealed to.

Colour treatment is based on the principle that all healing is a change of mental attitude or belief. The subconscious or subjective mind is the creative faculty within us and creates whatever the conscious mind impresses upon it. The conscious mind, the vehicle of the intellect, impresses its thoughts and ideas upon it which are the expressions of the belief. The creation of the subconscious self is the manifestation of our beliefs.

The subconscious mind is so primitive, basic and elemental, with roots so deep in our being, that its power is difficult to comprehend. It belongs to the plane of the absolute, it functions without the limitations of time and space, whereas the conscious mind or intellect, perceives things in the limited aspect of form and time and space.

If you conceive yourself in the absolute or unconditional, the conception that arises is that of pure living spirit, unhampered by conditions of any kind and therefore not subject to illness.

Rose Red – Stimulating and uplifting, excellent for tiredness, depression and depletion

Orange – Stimulating and revitalising, a powerful tonic for all conditions of nervous exhaustion

Green – Sedative, relaxant, rhythmic, excellent for nervous strain and anxiety conditions, giving a sense of peace and rest

Blue – Electric, cooling, soothing, very useful for sore throat, laryngitis, feverish conditions and eye trouble

Yellow – Stimulating, illuminating, has a healing effect on digestive trouble, stomach disorders and circulatory problems

Violet – Stimulating, purifying, acts on the head glands, curing headaches, insomnia, neuralgia, inflammation of the nerves

White Light – Universal Regeneration, cosmic energy, health and peaceful vibrations

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