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It’s In The Ether

An extract from S. G. J. Ouseley’s “The Power of the Rays”

"How at the Castle of Corbin a maiden bar...

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We know that matter which appears so solid is really not solid at all. A piece of wood or a piece of glass are made up of an immense number of electrons in vibration, revolving around a central point known as a proton.

Matter consists of atoms and these atoms are in turn composed of electrons and protons, held together by electro-magnetic forces. So matter is built up of minute electric charges, positive and negative, not moving at random, but freely and orderly, connected together by the invisible universal elements called the Ether.

The Ether is an omnipresent cosmic substance filling all space and is the vehicle or medium by which all physical-etheric forces contact the earth and ourselves.

The vibrations of the ether are many and varied. One form of etheric undulation or wave motion gives us the phenomenon we call light – other forms give us heat, colour, electricity etc.

luminiferous aether

luminiferous aether (Photo credit: caffeina)

This marvelous substance is perpetually conveying across space the cosmic energy which enables us to live and think.

The ether is never at rest, it is ever in movement, it cannot be seen or felt by the physical senses, yet if it were non-existent one would be blind and cold as there would be no medium to carry the waves of light and sound, warmth and colour. Matter itself is basically etheric.

The ether is the great connecting link between the physical senses and the higher cosmic forces. It is obvious that our physical senses only respond to a very limited range of vibrations, that outside these there is a universe full of life and thought which responds to a higher range of vibrations, unreal to us but more real to it than physical matter.

Thinking about circuit phenomena...

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The ether forces influence physical life in a variety of ways. They are creative and formative, ensouling matter with life, vitality, form and power. The ether is the transmitter of the essential life forces.

Just as the physical world is surrounded and influenced by the ether, so also is man. The ether forces are gathered and concentrated in man and form what is called the Etheric Body or double, which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and is an exact copy or duplicate of it, organ for organ and cell for cell.

English: the human atmosphere

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