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Living By Numbers

Living By Numbers

My life is run by numbers

English: An animation demonstrating the lucky ...

An animation demonstrating the lucky number sieve

By digits, figures, binary tomfoolery

Counting, measuring, taxing, takings

By the hour, by the minute

What’s the time ? 11.59

Get 2 for the price of 1

4 days to Christmas

5 days for delivery

1,000s killed

Catch 22

BBC3, No.10, Web 2.0, iPhone4

House prices, inflation, unemployment figures

How many facebook friends, your ideal weight

Phone bills, phone numbers, pin numbers, passwords

Must contain a number

English: Pierce College Library (LACCD).Pierce...

Image via Wikipedia

I work a number of hours

To make an amount of money

To pay my bills

The quantity is immaterial

It’s Capitalism that counts

Interval numbers

Image via Wikipedia

But I can’t feel my numbers anymore

Black hole equations

Billions in bailout

The numbers got too big for me

Their meaning slipped out of my hands

Buried in algorithm

Our bubble burst

Our relationship changed

Cabin Creek, South Trail

Image by Arthaey via Flickr

A billion took my money too far away

We have diverging interests

It doesn’t belong to me anymore

It’s just money

Could be big

Could be small

Now nobody knows

It just gets me from A to B

What I think about now is

Living by the sky

Look at Earth from the Heaven

Image via Wikipedia

By the sea

In a tree

In love

Beside a lake

Close to 7th heaven.


Comments on: "Living By Numbers" (1)

  1. Beautiful words, Sarah. Your spirit illuminates the page.

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