New Energy Language

Too Many Obstacles

I love you

You need me

We love each synchronized moment

feeling smooth

but not here

English: Screenshot of the ANUGA viewer showin...

Image via Wikipedia

not here on this plane

There, in the plains of celeste.

Here we are form

We are in patterns

sewn into fabric lives

We see each other but we cannot touch

With longing

So deep

But not shown

We stand

We laugh

But we only allow our eyes to meet

There are too many obstacles

rivers of karma

carrying our joy away


We touch

only our spirits

Angel of love

Image by Mara ~earth light~ (to time in hospital) via Flickr

At a distance

Safe from each other’s harm

for now

Prayers are said

For a time

when longing forms

your lips

my words

hereĀ together


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