New Energy Language

Lunar Eclipse

This weekend’s lunar eclipse is a significant moment and I would like to quote from Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers, his astrological wisdom is very enlightening…

The Full Moon at 19 Sagittarius-Gemini has overall favorable aspect activity, showing a harmony of understanding and a stabilized sense of what to do and who to do it with. From here we move forward!

This Eclipse shows that whatever is shut down over the next 3 1/2 months, we are again on the move. Our understanding of how to find a higher peace will lead us to some “transcendent realizations” that will make it evident why some things have to end.

We are challenged to find ways to track knowledge and ideas back to the source wisdom they offer us, once we use our foresight to see why we have to reorient, or possibly even escape from some “polluted” situation. Here our ability to synthesize knowledge, wisdom, life, and possibilities will lead us to a much greater understanding of how our past and present are feeding our future.

This should be good for communications, relationships, getting clear about short term and long term ideals, and finding the protection we need to be calm and lucid as we navigate the fogs and mists of our times.

Its theme is the ending of “old mental leftovers,” getting a larger view, and learning to see whole situations and be less distracted by secondary things. We are being illuminated regarding our life purpose through signs and signals that show us larger life patterns. We are growing through sharpening our interpretive skills, and then sharing our discoveries with others to see what’s more or less valid.

Generally speaking, the critical choices we confronted when Mercury and Venus both made septiles to Saturn and biseptiles to Uranus in mid-November have just been illuminated and made a part of our life with the Sun also making these aspects the past few days. However, since Mercury is retrograde, we may not know the full extent of these forks in the road until a couple of days to either side of New Years’

That’s because the end of December and beginning of January will be the final pass of Mercury through these “destiny producing” aspects. Things will feel like they’re on the edge of huge change at that time, and there will be a LOT of energy in the air due to Mercury making its final square to Mars as well! So for New Years’ be cautious, be thoughtful, be clear and optimistic, and discipline the Mercury square Mars toward a greater faith, allowing that which has been repressed to come up to surface in a hope for the future while achieving closures, whether through intuition or communication.

Overall this Eclipse indicates we’re solidly launched into a new collective vibe and adventure in deeper and vaster consciousness, and are now at the threshold of moving forward into clearer individuality, knowing who we are, ready to show up and do the next life chapter. We’ve all emerging from our cocoon, leaving old forms of protection and finding new ones, and growing in foresight to anticipate what’s coming and imagining “future forms of supply.”

To sum up, this Lunation will help us leave behind old toxic environments so we can find peace and stability in how and where we choose to reorient. Here we grow into a better future where we can “do our excellence” in ways more appropriate to the Self that’s come forth the past 18 months than anything that we believed before that. by Robert Wilkinson


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