New Energy Language

Dion Fortune was an exceptionally gifted seer and student of the mysteries. She was born on December 6th 1890 and in honour of her birthday I would like to quote from her book ‘The Mystical Qabalah’.

‘The Universe is really a thought-form projected from the mind of God. The Qabalistic Tree might be likened to a dream-like picture arising from the subconsciousness of God and dramatising the subconscious content of Diety. In other words, if the universe is the conscious end-product of the mental activity of the Logos, the Tree is the symbolic representation of the raw material of the Divine consciousness and of the process whereby the universe came into being.

But the Tree applies not only to the Macrocosm but to the Microcosm which, as all occultists realize, is a replica in miniature. It is for this reason that divination is possible. That little understood and much maligned art has for its philosophical basis the System of Correspondence represented by symbols. The correspondences between the soul of man and the universe are not arbitrary, but arise out of developmental identities. Certain aspects of consciousness were developed in response to certain phases of evolution and therefore embody the same principles; consequently they react to the same influences. A man’s soul is like a lagoon connected with the sea by a submerged channel; although to all outward seeming it is land locked nevertheless its water level rises and falls with the tides of the sea because of the hidden connection. So it is with human consciousness, there is a subconscious connection between each individual soul and the World-soul deep hidden in the most primitive depths of subconsciousness, and in consequence we share the rise and fall of the cosmic tides.’


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